COCO & Company

Coco and Company is designed to inspire celebration with its use of color, playful designs and a touch of artful lifestyle.

Offerings include a continuously edited selection of clothing, accessories and decor. 

Tucked away in the seaside town of Southport Connecticut, Everything in the store is designed to be lived in, loved and shared over a lifetime.

- Coco and Company

Exciting Photo Shoot for upcoming Magazine Editorial

Offering Painting Classes
Please email or call to schedule a time
1 hour $65 learn all the basic techniques!!

Love Hearing what New Customers think!


Beautifully curated collection of designs

A High Quality & Rotating Selection of Clothing, Accessories and Decor

store hours:
M~Sat. 10am~5pm Closed Sundays

Contact us!

3310 Post Rd
Southport, CT 06890

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